The new BMW X1. Official Launch Film.

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1y Mar 20, 2020

Buckle up. Choose your destination. Choose a launchpad. Choose the world. Choose #TheX1.

The new BMW X1 impresses with its sporty, powerful design and a high level of dynamics and flexibility - perfect for new adventures. The X1 exudes a more dominant, imposing aura at the front end, in particular, a larger BMW grille – the kidneys now merging in the centre – links up with new Adaptive LED headlights. The power generated by the efficient yet sporty range of engines is translated into motion via BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive or a cutting-edge front-wheel-drive configuration. Sophisticated chassis technology and even weight distribution imbue the BMW X1 with fleet-footed agility, precisely controllable handling and enviable ride comfort. The same goes for the versatility of its interior. Advanced technology joins forces with generous levels of space and countless smart and functionally adept solutions. The interiors high quality standards can be seen, for example, in the new contrast stitching on the instrument panel or the new optionable 10.25-inch Touch Control Display.

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