How Plague defined Ancient and Medieval History | Dr. Andrew Latham

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5m Apr 5, 2021

In this episode the awesome scholar Dr. Andrew Latham guides us into the role of disease and how it defined ancient and medieval history.

We set out in the ancient world exploring pandemics like the Plague of Athens, the Plague of Justinian and the Plague of Cyprian; and as we explore the impacts that these diseases had on city states and empires.

We explore how these diseases caused society and history to evolve from the decline of paganism to the dominance of Christianity in the West and later the expansion of Islam in the East.

Slowly we reach the end of the Western Roman Empire, the survival for the time being of the Eastern Roman Empire and the birth of the "Barbarian" Kingdoms of Europe as we reach the foundations of the Medieval World.

And with a new era comes and equally vicious disease determined to make its mark in our history and that is the Black Death.

We watch as Europe is engulfed in a nightmare of apocalyptic proportions. However, there is a silver lining.

Society had to adapt. And we see the evolution of medieval society and the working class as the chains of feudalism and serfdom are cast to the way side and the foundation of the complex capitalistic world that will create the borders and parameters of our own world.

This is a story of disease. A story of collapse and revival. It is a story of triumph.

It is our story.

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