Chieftain's Q&A #13: Elbonia gets Armoured.

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1y Jul 27, 2020

These things are getting longer and longer....

This time we are talking about fitting rear view cameras to Elbonian amphibious towed tube artillery pieces which go "ping" and have sloped armor. Or something like that.

Links to Things.
Tank Trailers.
David Fletcher on Rotatrailer. https://youtu.be/sOEuliX81Hw?t=555

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:43 Why does the D25T go "Ping" when firing?
02:04 What are the three most used methods to disable/destroy a tank?
02:37 In the ever-evolving war between weapons and defensive systems, what side has the advantage?
03:29 Why do most modern tanks still not have reverse cameras?
05:06 My top five strangest tank designs?
07:47 Do I like War Thunder?
10:14 Tank-Infantry communication
15:10 Why did armored cars take an overall back seat in US service? Why did T27 fail?
18:14 If the TC gets injured, what happens?
19:17 If a tank is using a ranging machinegun, does it not provide warning to the target?
20:06 Sabotage the Elbonian Armoured Corps
35:00 GOTM
39:03 Have missiles/drones made conventional artillery obsolete?
41:44 When did the Army start putting fire extinguisher handles on the outside of vehicles?
42:39 Platoon size. 3, 4 or 5?
44:16 What’s the best example of using part of an armored vehicle using in a way not intended?
47:20 What are my feelings on using or making modern parts to restore some older engines in order to bring historical vehicles to life?
50:44 Was there ever any attempt to mount a radial engine on a tank to be flat?
52:05 How did messages get securely from the front line to the artillery units in the rear?
54:32 How effective would the Panzer IV K, with the sloped frontal armor, have been?
55:44 Who should load in a 2-man turret? TC or Gunner?
56:23 Why is the loader now on the left?
58:05 Was M551 a good or terrible replacement for M41?
59:56 Might I film a T95 Medium?
1:00:56 Why is towing something behind a tank a questionable activity?
1:03:06 How come more tanks didn’t have automatic transmissions?
1:04:55 Top five worst tank crew positions.
1:06:26 Why have rounds such as AP, APHE, APCBC etc fallen out of tank use?
1:07:57 Was there a reason why the US and UK used both inches and mm?
1:10:45 Was there ever any thought by the US Army of putting a gunshield onto the .50 cals on the Sherman?
1:11:12 What causes a modern gun tube on a tank to fall off?

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The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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