290: “Libertarians Are the Most Oppressed Minority”? w. LPNH, Dan Behrman, & DL Cummings

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1m Dec 1, 2021

Cringe take? Perhaps. Incorrect tho? Let’s discuss.

It should probably come as no surprise that the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire’s Twitter account, has raised an argument that got a few people riled up… again. This time, it is the claim that “Libertarians are the most oppressed minority.”Amid the typical Twitter “outrage”, the LPNH account extended an offer to have a civil discussion on this issue with a Libertarian who disagrees and Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman, took the offer. DL Cummings of Liberty Dad Podcast, was recommended to join, as well and somehow, I got roped into moderating this thing… I guess this is my life now.

TSID is the place where you come for all the always uncomfortable and often libertarian conversations, so let’s get weird.

Question everything. Stay uncomfortable.

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