S333 Thunderstruck Volleyfire Revolver

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10m Sep 17, 2020

The S333 Thunderstruck revolver, manufactured by Standard Manufacturing, is a unique design specifically targeting the self-defense market. This revolver holds 8 rounds of 22 WMR, but fires two of them simultaneously per trigger press, thus allowing the shooter to fire 4 times before being empty.

Standard Manufacturing designed this to address the "Gunfight Rule of Three" concept, in that the vast majority of gunfights happen in 3 seconds, with 3 rounds fired, within 3 yards. Whether or not this "rule of three" is legitimate or not is up for debate.

InRange found this revolver new in the box at a local store and purchased it to discuss the concept and to put the revolver through its paces and create this review. Let's see how it did...

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