Gaming PC Build - Assembling the PC - Part 1

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1m Aug 4, 2021

New PC Build Series
Part 8
Storage - Solid State Drives

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I am a Let's Player, who is currently playing WAY too many games at once, and will take many years to complete.

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simguy @simguy 1m 1 month ago

Hope your build turns out the way u want it. Few things i would do differently. Put the board on a hard surface, otherwise, any pressure u put on the board to insert or screw in, could cause board to bend that can lead to metal contact separation at sodder pts or weaken it so it separates later in the yrs. Don't touch the CPU with bare finger to press down, u'll leave oil/moisture from finger on the metal potentially causing oxidation preventing perfect metal to metal contact for optimal heat transfer. For the heat transfer paste, i'd use a small flat clean plastic to spread that out a lil so it makes contact with as much of the surface. If it turns out that the paste was not enough, the actual contact surface is only as big as the paste will spread out, which could b only half the surface area.

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