Glasses Problems

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4y Sep 4, 2016

Sgt Ducky here to tell you about my glasses problems and why wearing glasses is annoying. Why I hate wearing glasses comes from a lifetime of experience. They suck and there is things you don't consider when you first put them on.
Thankfully I wear contact lenses most of the time lately but every now and again i have to wear glasses as contact lenses make you prone to eye infractions which is very annoying add to the misery.
But needless to say i really hate it,
Why you ask? Because they are ugly on men, they fog up, get covered in water, bend and break so easily that's all fact.

Welcome to my channel where all i do is complain, No one else will listen to me complaining anymore so i have to vent on this now instead of inflicting it on my family and friends because they don't like to hear it..... that's how selfish they are!

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