Unofficial High Speed Tour of the Deutsches Panzermuseum

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2y Oct 10, 2018

Apparently the museum was feeling a bit put out that I was doing tours in other countries but not this one. So, I had to come and remedy that. The Panzer Museum, front to back. While here, I might do a little filming....

09:45. Mis-spoke, Meant to say Prototype number 2 for the Leopard.

Corrections/explanations provided by the museum
We can add some details, if we may.

01:13 That is a "Krupp-Protze" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krupp_Protze)
01:39 Sad indeed, but working on it. Aiming for 2020.
02:25 We break the MYTHS, we're not crushing their souls. Or not intentionally, at least. ;)
05:47 "K-rad"?
07:47 37mm was removed, because the Germans used it for Border control in the BGS. There should be an MG, though.
07:55 Only in trials, but htese trials were held in Munster, so ...
08:56 Again, only in trials.
11:11 Our refueller doesn't look like one because it isn't one. It's our standard 5t with a decontamination kit.
13:07 The radar gives it away as a BRM-1K which makes it kind of special: Only 15 were used in East Germany.
13:18 That is an A1 - the only one left.
14:30 Quite the opposite: Although EVERYthing was available back then, the contemporaries were to heady with Cold War victory and failed to secure the stuff. Our East German materiel is few in numbers and in rather mediocre shape.
20:18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Leibs_zOPaY
20:43 The lower hull of the M-48 proved to have excellent characteristics against mine explosions.

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