Day 8 - [updated] 30 Days Living Off the Land - Chickweed

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5m Aug 2, 2021

DAY 8 - 30 Days Living Off The Land
May 8th - Chickweed.
Today's new plant is a common yard weed often sprayed to get rid of. If only people knew that it could be supplementing their diet.
And snow is forecast tomorrow during the day.
The weblog post for this video is

NOTE: I only did 9 days of this "30 days" due to bad weather and lack of interest.
This is not an in-depth course in plant identification. Please use other resources to verify you have the correct plants.

These videos accompany the weblog at www.pithole.com/category/30-days-living-off-the-land/.

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The Pithole Hermit documents a bit of his off-grid life in the hills of Northern Pennsylvania. Including wild edibles, hiking, fishing and hunting. www.pithole.com .


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