Trump "Pee Tape" finally revealed as HOAX created by artist/singer Blindboy | ♛purchmymerch♛

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1y May 17, 2020

From the TV series "Blindboy Undestroys the World" from BBC Three

Blindboy is half of The Rubberbandits, an Irish comedy hip-hop duo from Limerick city. They are best known for their song, 'Horse Outside', with 19 million views:

"Blindboy Undestroys the World" is a little known BBC3 series that premiered in 2019 (IMDB page does not exist):

In the first episode, presenter Blindboy reveals that he and his team created the infamous Trump sex tape in an attempt to go viral and make a statement about Deep Fake technology. When the "pee tape" was "leaked" in Sept 2019, most news outlets could not find the source and were unclear if the video was faked.

sorry about the watermark - Youtube flipped my video upside down, so I had to remake and reupload it upside-down.

Just in case trump/obama/elon tries to take this down, I backed up the videos here:

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