Drinks with Chris Episode 25

Colombia - The foods I miss

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5m Feb 22, 2021

I'm a big eater. So when I lived in Colombia, I was in paradise. In my opinion, they have possibly the best and greatest variety of food anywhere in the world. That's why in this episode, I tell you about all the amazing and sometimes weird food I miss about not living in Colombia.

If you're Colombian and have a comment, please drop it below. If you're a non-Colombian but have visited and want to add anything to my list, please let me know!

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
02:20 Bandeja Paisa
04:45 Patacones
10:00 Chocoramo
11:27 Beers & Refajo
15:10 Ajiaco
16:45 Chicken Hearts
19:10 Tamales/Pasteles
21:00 Coctel de Camaron
23:21 Aguardiente
26:45 Yuca Frita & Carimañola
26:34 Papa Rellena
29:25 Arepa & Arepa'e Huevo
31:54 Sopa de Palmito
32:56 Machuca'o
33:47 Fritanga/Picada
37:38 Pesuña de Cerdo con frijoles
40:01 Agua de Panela
41:55 Limonada & Limonada de Coco
43:42 Natural Juices
44:40 Sancocho de Gallina
45:52 Totuma & Cuchara de Palo
48:08 Cazuela de Mariscos
49:56 Lechona
52:42 Caldo de Costilla
54:12 Huevos Revueltos(Pericos)
55:04 Ponche (Chiquiro)
1:00:00 Armadillo
1:02:14 Sopa de Bagre
1:03:50 Sopa de Mondongo
1:06:23 Empanada
1:09:00 Fish (Mojarra, Bocachico, Arenca)
1:14:50 Cafecito en la calle (tintico)
1:18:20 Raspa'o

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