Honda Monkey vs Honda Grom [IN-DEPTH Comparison]

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2m Jul 25, 2021

Today we're back with our Honda Monkey and Honda Grom, doing the IN-DEPTH comparison that you guys asked for! We did a previous Honda Grom vs Honda Monkey video and we rode around a lot and had a great time, but in THIS video we're comparing every single aspect of these two awesome bikes to help you decide which one is best for you. This in-depth comparison is going over everything we could think of that you guys might want to know, and highlights every single difference we could find between the 2020 Honda Monkey and the 2020 Honda Grom. So grab your favorite drink, coffee is always a favorite, maybe a nice mocha or something like that, sit back, and enjoy our Honda Monkey vs Honda Grom In-Depth Comparison!

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