March 2017 Q&A - Part 2

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4y Mar 30, 2017

Arya R
Your 2 gun videos are some of the best tests of practical shooting.

Karl, you have been a highpower target shooter, and Ian was, from what I remember, a bullseye pistol shooter in college. How does your target shooting background inform your practical shooting? What aspects of training/ skills from your target shooting background do you find applicable in the realm of practical shooting?

Nathan F
Directed at Ian and Karl, but with Karl's national match experience he may have a stronger opinion: When I was a kid I shot a fair bit using a "hasty" sling, a vet friend of the family showed me how to do it. At some point along the way I dropped it, but have recently started experimenting with it again. What is your opinion of this technique. Does it have merit, something you stop using as your stability without it increases, etc. Just wondered what your thoughts were. I've never seen either of you employ it, so that may be my answer.

Daniel R
I'm curious about the evolution and durability of the plastic/polymer used in modern firearms. Is wood still relevant as a material? What are the advantages/disadvantages of polymer frames in pistols? Also how is it made? Are there any new or different types of materials on the horizon in firearms manufacturing?

Kyle A
Something I was wondering about the 2GACM is if you're allowed to introduce other camera use into them to capture different angles like ones attached to the rifle or shooter for other vantage points. Like maybe a 1st person POV, drone shots from overhead, or facing the shooter.

CCP update! How's the gun doing?

Would you ever consider running a "nation-wide" 2 gun match in the vein of the Red October AK matches, but with C&R guns instead?

Samuel H
What can we as firearms owners do to cultivate a healthier martial culture and demonstrate its importance and benefits to the overall society? (by martial culture I don't mean militias, I mean the culture behind the mores of private citizens possessing the best technology available in small arms )

Caleb R
Quite often you guys talk about different training events you have been to and the need to train regularly to maintain or improve personal skills when I comes to firearms. I would like to hear your thoughts on activities like airsoft as a supplemental form of training. Most of the airsoft rifles and pistols available are similar if not the same weight as their real counterparts and the weapons manipulation is very similar (i.e. mag swaps, safeties and sights). It does also allow you to practice in the kit you may use with a real rifle as the magazines are of similar decisions to their real counterparts.

John C
What's your thoughts on computerised reactive targets, in my experience they make much better targets than passive steel or paper targets, because they can maintain a certain amount of surprise and force you to react to the target rather than knowing exactly where the next target is and how many hits it would take to neutralise it. Do you think it is something that would ever find it's way to two gun or even 3 gun given the extremely high costs of such systems?

Craig S
Karl, I know you have stated that the PS90 in it's semi-auto form is kinda "Meh". I would counter that there are cases where the ease of operation (cycling action among others) makes it an excellent choice for people with disabilities and physical challenges. My wife for instance can't rack the slide on a 9mm, but can operate the charger on the PS90 just fine. It's going to be her home defense weapon of choice (SBR'd of course). Full size rifle is too much gun for her (and too much gun for an apartment dweller). Perfect niche for the PDW concept. As far as terminal ballistics goes, I figure that except in the most extreme cases of a trained assassin or drug crazed meth head, once you start putting holes in someone, they are done playing tough guy and want to find a doctor. Your thoughts on this?

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