Boxing Beats Ultimate 30 Minute Boxing Workout

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2y May 29, 2019

Boxing is high energy, enjoyable, and in my opinion the best style of class workouts.

Whether it's boxing for weight loss, boxing for fitness, or you want to try a unique boxing or fitness class, these boxing sessions are some of the best workouts on YouTube. Here I mixed shadow boxing workouts, hip hop and fitness together to form hip hop boxing style sessions.
This all levels workout is simple to follow.

Just push play, move to the sounds of hip hop, and workout to the beats of the music.
It’s just another creative Nate Bower Fitness workout routine that will get you moving, ripping amazing combos and enjoying the workout experience.

This is Boxing Beats Session 1!

Book a Bower Boxing Session: http://natebowerfitness.com/boxing

About Nate Bower Fitness

Nate Bower is a certified PTS, boxing instructor, personal trailer, and competitive athlete based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. This channel offers boxing workouts, heavy bag workouts, high intensity interval training, motivation, timed session workout routines, and more.


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