Kicked Out of Heaven : A Metaphysical View on European History

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9m Dec 17, 2020

In this episode I did something completely different, and I hosted a fellow history lover who has a completely different approach and perspective involving history.

A great friend of mine and fellow history student Reggie had mentioned that he had a friend who had a shared passion for our past and that he has a style that I may not be used to and if I was interested would I take a look at his work and possibly have him on my show.

I was intrigued and so I said *Let's do it! I found the trilogy "Kicked out of Heaven" to be quite interesting and it had a metaphysical theme and approach which can be seen throughout the books in which the author conveys a "supernatural" connection that he feels when studying the past and those around him today.

This trilogy looks to the history of medieval and early modern Europe from detailing catastrophes that may have shaped our psyche forever to triumphs and tragedies, while touching on a variety of subjects such as the Medieval Inquisitions, Medicinal Cannibalism, Religion, European society, death cults, blacks in medieval art and so very much more.

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