Tater Got a KP15 Lower (KP15 Unboxing/1st Impressions)

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1m Jul 27, 2021

I bought a stripped KP15 lower with Uncle Joe's money and plan to do my first AR15 build with it. In this video, I give my impressions and thoughts about the KP15. I am in no way being paid to make this video by KE Arms.

What is the "What Would Stoner Do" carbine? It started as a project on InRange back in 2017 as an attempt to modernize the AR platform under the design principles of Eugene Stoner, that being a light and handy combat rifle. The concept was revised in 2020 when it became a collaborative effort by InRange, Brownells, and KE Arms to commercialize the project. The KP15, developed by KE Arms, is the heart of the concept as the polymer design allows it to be lighter than the standard aluminum lower receiver while being as durable. I do recommend checking out the InRange's playlist right here:

The footage used is from Recoil's torture test of the full-auto version of the rifle, which can be seen here:

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