2G-ACM - M4 VS AK74 - Stage 3 - WTF Happened?

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4y Nov 11, 2016

Per many requests, we're going to do some content about the M4 "vs" the AK74.

Stage 3: This appears simple enough, move to multiple positions of cover and get two hits on each mini-IPSC steel plate at 50 yards while bringing the weight with you.

Even though I (Karl) have shot AR variants more than another other rifle in my shooting "career", I'd never bothered to even try using the large CQB aperture on a M4 style rifle. That turned out to be a big mistake.

Have fun watching both of us train wreck on this stage! :)

We both ran in Armored division as we recently received an excellent ballistic FAST helmet from Hard Head Veterans to test out. We plan to have a full review and discussion about that helmet by using it in a number a matches going forward.

Please check out Hard Head Veterans here:

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