2G-ACM X95 Tavor & WWSD 2017 Beta DMR - Stage 1

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4y May 2, 2017

We had a chance to put a X95 Tavor through a 2G-ACM match. It was an opportunity to get some practical shooting time under the clock with this bullpup, so let's find out how it does on the clock!

Ian shot a not yet completed beta version of his WWSD AR15 DMR build to start testing things out. Ian's rifle has a Primary Arms 2.5x ACSS optic.

Stage 1 started on the mid range bay - multiple target engagements beginning at 175 yards and moving up to 150 yards through conduits, thus constricting our engagement and visibility.

The X95 isn't supremely accurate nor does it have a great trigger, being a bullpup, but how will it fare in this environment?

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