Ancient Advanced Technology - Critical Questions | Brien Foerster Interview

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3m Jun 26, 2021

This is the second episode of a long series that we have titled "On the Fringe" where we host controversial guests and as the host play the "Devils Advocate" where we ask critical questions about their work, theories and etc.

In this episode I host fringe archaeologist | theorist involving his claims of ancient advanced civilizations and technology.

To begin I ask him to explain his views on ancient advanced technology and he goes into what he considers to be "machine" markings and drill holes and saw marks that in his view couldn't be done by a handsaw.

I ask him to explain why he doesn't believe that Dynastic Egyptians didn't construct the pyramids of Egypt and why he believes the timeline for these monuments should be pushed back by thousands of years.

I counter his claim by asking about experimental archaeology that has shed light on how ancient monuments were built and with what tools and whether of not he discounts their work while also pointing out that we have the tools and living quarters of the workers who built the pyramids while asking how he counters that archaeological evidence.

I ask what criticism he has received?

I ask why he believes that an advanced civilization built Stonehenge and if he discounts the ancient populations that could have built it and I get him to come to a common ground on the issue.

I bring up a question posed by Stefan Milo (YouTube Historian) who asks how he can justify his claims when he has no evidence to support ancient advanced civilizations in the prehistoric era.

Lastly, I ask him * where is the evidence? Discount the marks and I ask him where are these tools? Why have we not found them?

He then explains that (1) they could have been covered up in a conspiracy or (2) these advanced cultures left and took the tools with them.

Lastly in the video comment section I provide links to mainstream sources and references that critique his work so that you the viewer can make up your own mind.

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