Let's Play VALHEIM | The Second Boss (For Real Real This Time) | Impressions and Gameplay

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1w Apr 7, 2021

Curious about Valheim? Just want to see a crazy guy playing it? I've got just the Valheim stream for you!

In this Series I will be playing through Valheim, barely surviving, and telling you the take either way!

Let's play Valheim, a godly survival indie game that just came out this year, I'll give you my impressions, review, and funny gameplay throughout!

About Me:
If you love indie games as much as I do and want to find as many great indie games as you can, I'll help you find them!

This channel is all about finding and reviewing indie games new and old to help you find the best indie games out there!

About IndieLad

Do you love finding games that aren't getting the attention they deserve? Me too. This channel is all about finding, playing, and reviewing underappreciated games to help you find your next favorite game.


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