"Nomad" - Juan Dhas (ft. Anthony Muthurajah & Kike Harker)

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5m Apr 2, 2021

I'm extremely happy to share with you a new tune called "Nomad", featuring some really close friends and colleagues!

While 2020 was a rough year, one of the great things that came out of it was that it was an incredibly fruitful period for me as a composer. I was initially gearing up for rehearsing my 3rd record before the pandemic, but as it started to come into full effect I had to put it on hold. With my musical/compositional sound also undergoing some significant changes, I decided to keep writing during this time without any expectations to see what would come out. I didn't realise I would end up with nearly 3 albums worth of material!

With that said, I thought it was time to get back to releasing music, by any means necessary and not accepting the current circumstances as a hindrance. I also realised that considering the large amount of material to work with, a 3rd album as a standalone work wouldn't cut it anymore...

Moving forward, I'm going to be releasing each of the 20 or so tunes over time on a more regular basis with videos (as scheduling and funding permits), and possibly grouping them together along the way for easier listening. Throughout the process of doing this tune. I also thought to have different musicians involved and invite some of my closest friends & musical colleagues to play on different tunes. I've got some ideas planned for the near future, so do stay tuned if you want to learn about how to support this crazy idea!

I want to thank everyone involved as I really couldn't have put this together without everyone's help. Please do go check out everyone's individual work, as each one of the collaborators are great musicians, educators and people in their own right!

Juan Dhas - Guitar/Composition/Arranging
Kike Harker - Upright
Anthony Muthurajah - Drums
Juan David Arango - Recording Engineer (Upright)
Alek Darson - Mix Engineer

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