Mauser Kar98k vs Lee-Enfield No.4: Accuracy

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4y Jul 12, 2017

As part of an ongoing series comparing each aspect of the design and use of the last of the WW2 mainstream Lee-Enfield rifles (No. 4 Mk.1* in .303 British) and of the Mauser rifles (Kar98k in 7.92x57mm), here we take a look at basic accuracy off the bench, and make some comments on the sights.

And yes, it's only 1 5-shot group for each. But that's how accuracy testing at the factory went. At least for the No.4; Mauser 98k's actually got 2 attempts to pass (and the group shot in this video with an old rifle was almost good enough to have passed first time under worse conditions than the official test).....

ALSO NOTE: this was filmed ages ago. I've now fixed the extractor, but the basic point still stands. There's massive variation in extractors, some of which will always clip over a rim, some will if you push on the extractor spring, and some won't at all. This was something the Yugoslavs fixed with the M48, to ensure they all would. Part of what I like to do with BotR is the process of learning about working with certain rifles.

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