The Vauxhall Cavalier Story

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5m Sep 22, 2020

The Vauxhall Cavalier, along with the smaller Chevette signalled the end of British Vauxhall design and the ascendency of a series of well-put together cars from Opel’s design studio. But UK customers didn’t really mind, in fact they approved with Vauxhall going from the purveyors of rust buckets that very nearly got shut down completely to the number 2 car brand in the 80s. It’s an amazing turnaround, and a large part of it can be attributed to the Vauxhall Cavalier.

So how did this happen? What did Vauxhall and Opel do to make the much-loved Vauxhall Cavalier the 6th highest selling UK car of all time?

Shout out to Vauxpedia for their excellent mk1 Cavalier history. Check it out here: http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com/

Music: "The Jam" and "Please" from the YouTube audio library.

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