NORINCO Mod. 1911 A1 .45 ACP - How to Disassembly and Reassembly (Field Strip)

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10m Aug 23, 2020

China clone of Colt M1911A1 pistol. As of 2013, the pistol is made under license instead of copying with Colt manufacturing machinery, due to an agreement between Norinco and Colt in order to stop Norinco from producing the Norinco CQ rifle. Importation into the United States was blocked by trade rules in 1993 but Norinco still manage to import the weapon into Canada and successfully adopted by IPSC shooters, gunsmiths and firearms enthusiasts there because of the cheaper price of the pistol than the other M1911s.

Legend: These guns are made from old Chinese railroad rails, and therefore are much stronger steel than your average 1911 because the rail steel has been work hardened over the long years of having trains drive over them.
Norinko is made in the People's Republic of China by the state-owned military arms manufacturing company Norinco.


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