Chieftain's Q&A #9

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1y Mar 5, 2020

Table of Contents

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01:58 Stereoscopic Rangefinders, Redux
02:29 Would the Germans have been better served by the original 35-ton spec Panther or the DB T-34 copy?
04:04 Is the TOW launcher on Bradley hydraulic or electric in elevation?
05:17 How often might a tank crew receive upgrades to their vehicles? Might they finish the war in the same vehicle in which they started?
10:10 What was the role in the US Army of the 175mm, 203mm and 240mm guns?
11:56 Why the the British take the HE filler out of the M61 rounds?
13:18 What can I tell you about Combat Identification Panels?
15:19 Could a fourth crewman be used as a systems operator to lighten the TC's load?
15:50 Given MBTs keep getting heavier, is there a place again for light tanks?
17:12 Where is Thumper?
17:53 What was the purpose of British infantry tanks?
19:06 What general advice would I give to an author to make tanks fictional believable?
21:42 How does one combat the Turret Monster?
22:06 What was the best meal I've had whilst tanking?
23:00 Are there any instances of bogies falling off tanks after a hard knock?
24:25 Were there any guns so powerful that they risked damaging the vehicle?
26:03 What WWII steering systems were both reliable and effective?
29:04 Irish rations or US?
29:50 Who is right about Black Prince's transmission? PM Knight or David Fletcher?
31:10 What was so hard about putting a ball mount into a sloped frontal armor plate?
33:14 Kubelwagen vs Jeep. Is Kubel underrated?
34:40 Why did not the US use the Heavy Tank M6?
36:03 How often do tank units train with other types of units?
37:11 What was the first tank to have modular armor?
38:20 Have modern electronics changed how tankers view the battlefield?
40:18 Why didn't they do to the 90mm what was done to the 3" to get the 76?
42:50 With the change in focus towards supercities, is there a need for something heavier and better armed than an MBT?
45:03 When the US come up with a fuelling system better than jerrycans?
46:36 What's the point of gun-launched missiles?
47:45 What's my opinion on the Wiesel AWC?

About The Chieftain

The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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