Chieftain's Q&A 17. Rants, Ladas and shooting the other guy's cannon

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9m Dec 13, 2020

Again, dealing with random and unexpected questions from the audience.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Opening remarks
00:51 Chinese tanks until WW2
03:06 Greek BMPs
03:50 Was Archer Successful?
05:24 Soviet consumer goods have a reputation for poor quality. Did this affect their tanks as well?
07:01 What's the deal with US tankers and French tank helmets?
08:09 How do tanks in GuP survive getting thrown around without throwing track, given no track maintenance is shown?
08:37 How long can you roll a tank without track maintenance before bad things happen?
10:14 Have I ever come across an M231 Firing Port Weapon?
11:02 Are there any documented cases of a shot down the barrel?
12:00 GOTM
15:45 What’s the advantage of return rollers and why do some vehicles not have them?
17:50 What are the “gut feel” factors that you care about when evaluating the combat effectiveness of various tank units when I first see them?
19:18 How does one scuttle a tank?
21:05 Other than the Germans, who else used captured equipment?
22:48 How did different countries handle tank recovery?
24:20 Which limited-run/prototype US heavy tank had the best potential?
25:06 Why did they add a cupola on top of the T48?
27:03 What do I think about North Korea’s new tank?
28:40 What’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to this sort of work on the internet?
33:29 Given Russia’s recent penchant for announcing new advances with no evidence, if you were in charge of Russian Armor, what random new tank would I pull out of my arse?
35:32 Why don't more tanks have wing mirrors?
36:37 What role were the tanks supposed to play at Dieppe, and how did the British plan on recovering them?
37:38 Compared to contemporary Soviet tanks, the M60 was exceptionally tall, thinly armored and undergunned. Did American military planners simply make up for these deficiencies via doctrine?
38:27 I had mentioned that the Char B1 was created more of a pet project than one having any use in a tactic or doctrine, were any other vehicles created as pet projects?
40:24 What can I tell you about the T-6 device attached to Shermans?
41:47 How much do T-34s smoke? Is smoke signature a factor in engine selection?
43:10 Would a heavy IFV with a remotely operated heavy weapons turret surrounded by multiple RWS operated by the dismounts be viable or useful?
44:18 Are tanks/AFVs easy to get stuck in muddy terrain compared to a civilian 4wd vehicle?
45:40 Why did I join the Irish Defense Forces? What are the pros and cons of both US and Irish service?
46:37 Besides the Cullins cutter, did any other ‘field modifications’ by common soldiers become ‘standard issue’ modifications?
47:35 Vegetables which should be banned
43:03 Was water ingress ever an issue with riveted vehicles?
48:26 The Teledyne Expeditionary Tank suffered major reliability issues for the autoloader Are those reliability issues still a factor in the MGS?
49:03 For a 76mm Sherman, what other contemporary 3” ammunition could have been used by mixing 3" projectiles and 76mm casings?
50:09 90mm T18 and T19
50:23 Was there any advantage to the short 7.5 over the long in the StuG?

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