The Bronze Age Collapse and Today: Parallels With the Past ~Dr. Hitchcock

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1y Mar 20, 2020

In this video we dive into the Late Bronze Age Collapse exploring what happened, who was involved from the Hittite and Egyptian Empires to the confederations of the Sea Peoples. Dr. Hitchcock guides us through this defining period of human history exploring ancient international trade, ancient globalism and the collapse and devastation of the Bronze Age and how its collapse created and lead to something better. Briefly we also discuss the Bronze Age Collapse in a modern context as I ask her what can we in our modern society and nations can learn from the Bronze Age Collapse?

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Academia profile where you can access her work that is free to the public. https://unimelb.academia.edu/LouiseHitchcock

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Aegean Art and Architecture:

Minoan Architecture: A Contextual Analysis:

Theory for Classics:

DAIS: The Aegean Feast

Tell It In Gath: Studies in the History and Archaeology of Israel. Essays in Honor of Aren M. Maeir on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday

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