The Frozen Shepard Theory - Wait, WHAT? | Mass Effect 4 Theory

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1m Jul 24, 2021

Alright, today is a doozy. After reading a very interesting article on Gamerant, i felt compelled on doing another video about the Next Mass Effect (Mass Effect 4/5). This time, we're talking about the "Captain America" theory of Shepard being frozen in ice.

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Article: https://gamerant.com/mass-effect-4-marvel-captain-america-similarities/

00:00 - Greetings
01:52 - Gamerants article
02:39 - Captain America connection
04:25 - Lazarus Project
06:07 - What happened to Shepard?
08:02 - Mass Effect 4's Setting
08:57 - Andromeda connection
10:00 - The Problem
12:02 - In what form would Shepard return?
12:24 - Should Shepard return at all?

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