2g-ACM - Rimless Enfields - M1917 vs Ishapore 2A1 - Bolting through CQB

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3y Oct 19, 2017

We're taking a break from modern guns for this match series and decided to pit two very interesting and historic Enfield rifles against one another:

M1917 "Eddystone" in 30-06
Ishapore 2A1 in 308 NATO

We're also doubling down on the expert level in this match by using a Cimarron WW1 style 1911 pistol.

We've not had the best of luck with 303 Enfields at 2g-ACM so we're curious if these particular warhorses chambered in rimless rounds will make it through the entire match without a malfunction!

Stage 2: Enfield Bolts & CQB

CQB with bolt action rifles sucks, but the Enfields should be the best of breed regarding their bolt speed, right? Also Ian has that weird left handed bolt cycling method that is sorta, uhm, effective...when it works. Let's see what happens!

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