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1m Sep 22, 2021

AUDI RS7 Test Drive and Review seriously a perfect example of why I love Audi. Audi never dissapoints, ever. They're always phenomenal Driver's cars, and that may be their blessing and curse. The reality is, sometimes things can be too perfect, this Audi RS7, while simply an absolute Monster, is EXACTLY what you can expect from Audi. It's like a checklist,

Does the RS7 Look good? Absolutely
Does the RS7 Intereior feel quality? You Betcha
Is the RS7 Fast? Cmon, you already know it is.
Most importantly, does the Audi RS7 Turn? Oh the Quattro is exactly what you could expect from Audi, and without a doubt, this Audi is absolutely no slacker.

So in this Review, I brought a long Katherine, or as they refer to her at YC Auto Group "KO" (I have no idea what that's in reference to, but I'm pretty sure she knocked some guy out).

As always, Katherine sets up the cars, she chooses what car Review I'm doing, she knows which Car, she wants me to put on Camera. So this Car video? Well you guessed it she chose it, this is what she wanted on youtube. But a couple of unexpected things occur, the first that she volunteered to be in a car review, the second was she wanted a SPIRITED Test Drive, much like our Other friend Sheila in this revew, she wanted to see what it really did.


What's really funny is the end. Katherine literally took over the video, and she's a natural. She wants to know what you guys think!

Thanks for watching Chasing the Apex,

for you specs guys, because I already know, you'll ask for it. :p

4.0L twin-turbo DOHC 32-valve V-8; 591 hp @ 6,000 rpm, 590 lb-ft @ 2,050 rpm

Vehicle Courtesy of our Friends at YC Auto Group



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