The Best Way to Farm Focus Points in Warframe (The Lazy Method)

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4y Aug 24, 2017

So I've been asked by one of my friend on where and how to farm focus points super fast this day. Well, to show him and all those players who are asking the same question, I have uploaded the video above.

It's basically me running Frost with a high efficiency and range build, doing the defense mission in Hydron. As we all know, Hydron gives the most exp specially when you are in a team.

Why call it the Lazy Method?

There are other methods that yield 20k focus points per run but it takes a lot of strategy and you need Equinox or stealth frame to get those points. The Lazy method only requires minimum effort. You only spam the 4th ability of Frost and you will get 10k-12k avg focus points per run (10 waves of defense in Hydron).

Yes, the focus you earn is not big compared to 20k but I really hate Exterminate missions and I prefer just doing less effort while farming.

If you want to see the mod setup for my frost and some nitty-gritty details on how to maximize your focus gain on hydron, then be sure to check out the full guide on my blog here: https://grindhardsquad.blogspot.com/2017/09/how-i-max-out-my-focus-points-in.html

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