Sui Caedre

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10y Jun 18, 2011

The original edit "Insipiens" was shocking, hard to watch and disturbing . The second edit turned things on it's head and we had dark humour. This brings us to "Sui Caedere"...

Can you taken something shot with something in mind then change the direction of that film with a few tweaks in the edit? That is what this edit is, showing how with a few adjustments and a big chunk taken out the whole film can take a new meaning, much like the second.

So now there are 3 versions of this film. The sensless violent one, the dark humour, and this one...the tragic one. Almost all the same shots, this one is the shortest edit.

Check out my blog post for more info on this F3 shoot and the thining behind the pieces.


I did this edit as I needed a less graphic version for Sony to be able to use at IBC but I still needed the tragic tone. Hence "Sui Caedere"

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