Uniswap Restricts These Crypto Currency Tokens & More Stable Coin Regulation FUD

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1m Jul 31, 2021

Uniswap Restricts These Crypto Currency Tokens & More Stable Coin Regulation FUD ! The beauty of DeFi is the decentralization part. We love decentralization here at TCL but are beginning to see regulation step in to ‘sort’ things out especially with crypto stable coins. Some long term regulation may actually be okay, as people are getting scammed left right and center. However, we need to be careful as over regulation is a nightmare, and we know this very well just by looking at the current centralized finance system. Today our focus will mainly be on Uniswap regulation. We’ll also take a look at the regulatory concerns Binance is dealing with… or not dealing with.

Uniswap Labs said late Friday that it was restricting access to dozens of tokens on its trading interface app, including synthetic assets meant to mirror the prices of stock-market giants like Facebook Inc. and Tesla Inc., as well exchange-traded funds such as Invesco’s so-called QQQ that tracks the Nasdaq 100 Index. This move follows remarks by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler on July 21 that served as a warning to crypto projects meant to mimic the value of securities and skirt regulations governing exchanges and brokerages. Let’s look at what this means for Uniswap, and what this means for crypto regulation in general.

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