Behind the Mirror (Book 1) | YA Dark Fantasy Trilogy

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1y Sep 26, 2019


A grim world on the other side of a mirror. A girl who once believed she was ordinary. A prophecy of four guardians uniting to prevent an apocalypse that will annihilate parallel realms. This journey awaits you in Behind the Mirror, a spine-tingling story that mixes fantasy, horror, and dystopia in an intriguing trilogy. As the adventure begins, seventeen-year-old Ella discovers a horrifying alternate reality of her hometown on the other side of an enchanted mirror. Ella’s life will never be the same as she struggles to uncover her true identity and the origin of her newfound powers. To save her friends and the parents she never knew she had, she battles the ominous predictions that seem to be coming true.

Starring: Madison Blossman
Audio by: Jason Myer
Trailer by: Bon Blossman

About Bon Blossman

Author, Professor, Cast Member on Big Rich Texas - Style Network, Bravo, ITV2 (UK), E! (Canada)


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