June 2018 Q&A

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3y Jun 30, 2018

0:52 BrandonHiPower
Plans for the Gemtech suppressed bolt carrier

1:35 Michael B.
Oldest functioning firearm handled and/or fired

2:42 Zed T.
Preferred dinner/match guests from all history

5:48 Thomas K.
Was the Steyr GB gas system bad?

7:36 Tim K.
How to keep the range clean?

9:08 Roy B.
Backup guns and spare mags for conceal carry

11:37 Konstantin F.
More of the long range shooting video series?

12:42 Ferrous
Who killed Johnny Ringo?

14:08 This Has Not Gone Well
Directed energy and magnetically propelled weapons

17:18 Dave A.
Favourite firearm that we hate shooting

18:16 Peter E.
Plans for fun, lighthearted content in the future

18:52 David S.
Outlines of a reasonable digital Bill of Rights

21:08 Devin S.
Tactical Biathlons and other ways to torture Ian

22:43 Jonathan
Favourite films

23:32 Justin A.
Most recent firearm purchases

26:24 Leonard S.
AR pistols and SBRs in 2G-ACM

27:05 Zach B.
Would .276 Pedersen have delayed the adoption of 5.56mm?

28:06 MichaelPee and Laurens W.
Update on the HMG Stg-44

29:15 Teddy
Barriers to US manufacture of 5.45mm ammunition

31:05 mavmanish
SKS/M1 Garand on the modern battlefield

33:14 Drew C.
Semi-auto vs bolt action in precision shooting

34:33 Ryan Z.
Lever actions; as obsolete as bolt action?

35:57 Carl L.
Acclimation to the Arizona weather

37:41 Brian H.
Why did M1903A3 supplant the superior M1917?

38:42 Dylan M.
Infantry flamethrowers on a modern battlefield

42:51 Anthony H.
Vz. 58 in 5.56mm vs AK-74 in 5.45mm

44:42 Daniel F.
.30 Carbine in a modern firearm

47:02 Michael Q.
DMR in a squad full of WWSD carbines

48:16 XJ L.
Thoughts on the VP9

51:08 Jonathan C.
OOB detonations in fixed firing pin subguns

52:35 Markus K.
Guns clicking in movies

52:58 London J.
Nonsensical gun wishlist

54:27 Shawn A.
Most challenging guns to shoot as a left hander

56:11 strangelove
Hearing protection in militaries throughout history

58:08 Brian C.
Diverging content on different platforms due to Youtube policy

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