How to drain the COMEX silver - Part 1: Andy Schectman, Rob Kientz, Rafi Farber, Chris Marcus & more

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1w Jul 15, 2021

How to drain the #COMEX #silver - Part 1: #AndySchectman, #RobKientz, #RafiFarber, #ChrisMarcus & more

The defenders of the COMEX fractional reserve paper silver Ponzi scheme argue that there’s no cause for concern, because most of the contracts are just rolled over.

Well….while that is indeed normally the case, in 1979, that didn’t happen. It started to not happen again in 2011, and we’ve seen degrees of that condition in 2021.

And now to make it easier for investors who want to remove silver from the COMEX, a group of legendary silver investors like Dave Kranzler, Rob Kientz, Andy Schectman and more have banded together to take delivery of a contract. While also documenting the process and making it easier for others to do so as well.

So to watch the first part of this intriguing series, click to see this video now!

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