First Time Tesla Experience | 2016 Tesla Model S 85D Full Tour & Canadian Review

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3w Apr 14, 2021

After many years of searching we finally have the chance to feature a Tesla. We go in-depth on this 2016 Tesla Model S 85D and everything you need to know if you're in the market for one.

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We'd like to thank HGregoire for providing us with this 2016 Tesla Model S 85D for this episode. They let us borrow this vehicle from one of their 30 North American dealerships to use for a week and really get to know the car. With over 3,000 vehicles in stock, chances are HGregoire has the right car for you. Save $200 on your purchase by visiting https://promo.hgregoire.com/nile/

Our Spotlight is on this 2016 Tesla Model S 85D. A pre-facelift luxury electric vehicle, this Model S gives us our first taste of the Tesla brand. We go over as much as we can on this episode to explain everything about this car, including the things that make Tesla unique, and some of the impressions we got as a first-time Tesla driver. We discuss the different kWh battery options for this generation along with the changes that have occured and will occur with the Model S. We go around the exterior of the vehicle including the HID headlights, retractable door handles, power folding mirrors, backup camera, front and rear parking sensors, Tesla's proprietary charging port, the trunk and the frunk.

We spend time on the inside of the Model S to discuss how the interior of it differs from other vehicles we've driven on TestDrive including the 12.3" cluster computer screen, 17" infotainment screen, lack of physical buttons, and the overall design of the car. We spend some time talking about the software and user interface of Tesla's infotainment system and how it really is a powerful gaming PC on wheels. Some of the unique functionality like near infinite driver memory options, built-in HomeLink, or the sunroof controls through the steering wheel.

We then take the 2016 Tesla Model S 85D on a comprehensive real-world driving test to see how this vehicle handles, performs, and drives. We discuss the battery charge and how much range the vehicle gets, along with the overall performance of this non-Performance Tesla. We figure out why people love their Teslas so much, and what the future might hold for electric vehicles and cars in general after spending a week with this Model S.

We wrap up our full tour and review with a buyer's guide of things to look for when buying a Model S, including some of the common problems owners have reported, and issues or maintenance required, and recalls that may be pending on these vehicles.

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