Ep. 15 Meet the Urban Yogis: Calvin & Theresa Curameng from College Park Yoga #AAPIHeritageMonth

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4m May 8, 2021

Here's another episode of Conversation with Friends with a different direction.

As part of the celebration for AAPI Heritage Month, we have Calvin & Theresa Curameng from College Park Yoga, located in College Park, FL, a community just outside of Downtown Orlando.

20 years ago, it was not an easy decision for an Asian American person to embrace the life of an Urban Yogi. We went into business, medicine, technology, law or education. You get the idea. So when Calvin & Theresa Curameng whom the students affectionately refer to as C & T set out to create College Park Yoga, it was quite an adventure! The studio was built on "pizza boxes". (You will have to watch the interview to find out what that really means!)

In 2020/2021, College Park Yoga encountered COVID-19. Like many other small businesses, CPY faced and is still facing an uncertain fate. Perhaps this is what yoga practice does for you: flexibility. This has also been a time full of newness and creativity for them.

Calvin & Theresa created the Liquid Fire Yoga Practice: "Yoga practice is the art of learning to handle friction. The friction of the water and fire inside of our very being. The friction of opposition; action and inaction. It's the power to discern what you love from what you think you love." This is a quote from their website www.LiquidFireYoga.com

You can find out more about who they are, their classes (online and in person) and many other fun and wonderful things they do by visiting their website: www.CollegeParkYoga.com

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