How to Get Reaction Roles Discord Bot [Easy & Simple 2020!]

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6m May 20, 2020

Learn how to add, setup, and get Reaction Roles in your Discord server in a few minutes! In this tutorial, you can get the reaction role discord bot!

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So in this video, I show you how to add the reaction role discord bot to your discord server to set up reactions for reaction roles. This way, when members react to a message they get a role in your discord server. This is the easiest setup for reaction roles and only takes a few minutes! Members can react on a message and get their reaction role easily. This works for reaction role color roles. #Discord #ReactionRoles #TechTips

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Introduction to Reaction Roles
0:45 How to Get Reaction Roles on Discord 2020
1:00 How to Invite Reaction Role Discord Bot
3:00 How to Add Reaction Roles to Carl-Bot
3:30 How to Make Reactions Give Roles Discord
4:00 Reaction Roles Discord Bot with Carl Bot

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