(Custom Creations ) DIY Dart catcher - Inspired by Walcom S7

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2y Apr 27, 2019

After watching Walcom S7 video on a DIY dart catcher, I decided to make my own janky dart catcher from whatever bits and bobs I could find from around my house.

I used the legs of my son's no longer needed high chair a few metres of shade cloth and about 20 or so zip ties.

I simply secured the shade cloth with zip ties to the high chair legs. I added another piece of lighter gauge shade cloth to the centre of the catcher to stop and drop the darts into the net.

This whole process took me about 30 minutes to collect and put together.

While it is not as pretty as Walcom's, no one will be looking at it as it will be only used in my shed when I'm testing/repairing blasters or I just want to fling some foam without having hundreds of darts on my shed floor.

Walcom's video: https://bit.ly/2Vqf0fv

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