Graffiti Anime Character Was The Hardest Drawing In A While!

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1m Jun 11, 2021

In all seriousness this was the hardest anime oc I've drawn in a while. I thought that my original manga character was gonna come out like garbage but much to my surprise it came out pretty well.

To be honest I'd probably say this is one of my favorite anime characters that I've created. The only thing I regret is not drawing graffiti in the background but that's not really something that I'm good at anyways. Essentially I approach all of my original anime characters both male and female to a 4 step process which is

  1. drawing a stick figure
  2. drawing the anatomy
  3. drawing my character
  4. color my character

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About Jovan’s Manga Project

What up, I'm a bboy who likes to draw original manga characters by combining anime art with bboy/hip-hop culture & a dose shonen anime-inspired elements.


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