AI ON THE JETSON NANO LESSON 29: Gear to Create a Pan Tilt Camera Platform for Real Time Tracking

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8m Mar 7, 2020

In this video lesson show you the gear you will need in order to continue following along with this series of lessons. We are creating a pan/tilt camera system which is controlled by the Jetson Nano and OpenCV. An object of interest will be tracked, and kept in the center of the frame using a pan/tilt camera mount which we will build. You can go to and search for "AI ON THE JETSON NANO LESSON 29", for a list of hardware and links. or, you can use the links below:

You will need either a Logitech WEB cam:

Or you will need to buy a longer camera cable for your Raspberry Pi camera:

The camera cable is the more affordable option, but I do really like using the Logitech WEB cam on this project.

Next you bill need a set of servos to control the pan/tilt camera system, which you can get here:

UPDATE:!!! Since making this video, I have gotten several bad batches of the MG995 servo sets linked above, so CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND THEM. I AM NOW RECOMMENDING THE HiTEC HS-422 Servos. You will need two:

Then, you will need the pan/tilt bracket system itself:

And finally, you will need a PCA9685 Servo Control Board, available here:

OK, now this is the gear I am using for my Jetson Nano project shown in today's video. Lots of folks have expressed interest in this project, so I will do a big tutorial series on it. It is good if we use identical hardware for the project, so links below will take you to the gear I am using. Make sure to get the V2 picam, which is what I linked to. The earlier picams will not work. Also, you can use USB keyboard and mouse if you do not want to spend for the wireless ones below.

Jetson Nano

You need a GOOD power supply:

You need a GOOD SD card:

I love this cool Acrylic case with fan:

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse that works with Jetson Nano:

I like to run with minimum wires, so I am running this wifi card, which works very well. If your budget is tight just use an Ethernet cable, as all my lessons will work with just an ethernet cable.

Finally, you can use either a Logitech C920 WEB cam or the Pi Cam. I am using both, but you need at least one camera working with the nano:

You guys can help me out over at Patreon, and that will help me keep my gear updated, and help me keep this quality content coming:

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