The Profiler Task Force- CELEB WEEK: RBG-Show #1

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9m Oct 19, 2020

Come to meet the PROFILERS
JANINE - The Body Language Expert -Time: 50:16 to 1:04:00
LENA -The Interrogator & Statement Analysis Expert-Time: 20:54 to 33:20
MICHELLE -The Handwriting Analysis Expert-Time: 06:59 to 20:52
SUSAN -The Face Reading Expert-Time: 35:30 to 50:02

Our Patreon and how it works - Time:1:05:00 to 1:07:00


Taken from Inc.com:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg became just the second female U.S. Supreme Court justice when she took the oath of office on August 10, 1993. She faced workplace discrimination in the 1960s despite graduating first in her class at Columbia Law School in 1959.
Ginsburg was a longtime, forceful advocate of women's rights and gender equality, and she earned the deep and abiding respect of her colleagues on the Court along with the American public. She died at the age of 87 on Friday, September 18, 2020.

About Human Behavior Lab

Through research and teaching, we work on unlocking the science behind Human Behavior, Micro-Expression, Body Language, Deception-Detection, Statement & Face Reading.


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