Religion in Ancient Egypt: Excellent Overview

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1y Oct 15, 2019

Throughout our series of Ancient Egyptian episodes, we have continuously stumbled across a strong spiritual undercurrent to the whole two thousand year experience. We constantly talk about deities and deification. We see ridiculous amounts of effort being put into the spiritual building work. We see great efforts to preserve the bodies of the pharaohs who are laid to rest within these structures and temples. What was going on in these extremely pious society? Where do we even start?

3100 - 30 BCE - The complex pantheon of Egyptian deities and their links to everyday life and other cultures are explored.

Discussing certain aspects of ancient Egyptian religion and mythology we explore how Egyptian religion changed over time and how Egyptian perspectives on deities also changed, we see how the Greeks and Romans adapted certain aspects of Egyptian Mythology and the controversy that arose surrounding Atenism.

From archaeology to mythology we get an excellent overview of a wonderful subject in Egyptology.

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