Python for Beginners #25 : Introduction to Lists

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2m Nov 18, 2021

Hey everyone and welcome back to Python for Beginners course, in this session, I'm starting the discussion of lists data type.

💠 Chapters:
00:00 | Information
00:09 | Intro
00:15 | Welcome!
00:28 | Introduction
04:52 | Creating a List
05:26 | Using Square Brackets
07:35 | Using list function
10:01 | Examples
11:40 | Thank you!

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🐍 Python for Beginners course playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUxP1AGu9mNKBo2oE1keHz5NuqhwnCr1q
📚 Link for Learning Resources about Lists Data Type in Python:
https://www.tutorialspoint.com/python/python_lists.htm#:~:text=Basic List Operations Python Expression, Membership 1 more rows

Python Logo from: Jackson on findicons.com (CC Attribution by) https://findicons.com/icon/606999/python
Python Data Types Chart from:

Please let me know what you feel about the content and thanks for watching :)

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