What Are Indoor Farms: The Future of Farming

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3y Dec 8, 2017

In this series lets talk about the future of farming: indoor farms. We already talked about how vulnerable our food production is, and that indoor farms will save us all. But we gotta talk about what an indoor farm is. Is it just a normal farm with a roof? What are indoor farms? It's crazier than you'd expect..

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Actually indoor farms are pretty much the most unnatural and artificial looking thing you could grow plants in. Looks like a mix between a rave, car factory, and a science lab.

These places are sealed off from the outside world to prevent any contamination of the plants. You have to go through decontamination clean rooms, slide into white bodysuits, slip on disposable shoe covers, don some food-safety gloves, and step through secondary decontamination clean rooms before actually entering the indoor farm.

Purple/pink LED’s flood the indoor farm, providing the necessary light for photosynthesis.

Plants are grown vertically in towers instead of horizontally, which is why indoor farms are often referred to as vertical farms.

Soil isn’t actually necessary for plant growth, so to better optimize plant growth, synthetic polymer film gel membranes or special recycled cloth are used, in a farming method called aeroponics.

Data is king, and indoor farms utilize tens of thousands of cameras and sensors to collect data about the plants. Machine learning artificial intelligence is implemented to optimize based on all this data, and.. probably better understand how to kill us with our food supply when skynet takes over, oh well.

Irrigation is gravitational and feeds into vertical columns of plants.

Tuber vegetables, like potatoes, are grown suspended in the air.

Automation and robotics are being implemented more and more in indoor farms to plant seeds, transplant them, raise them, and automatically carry the produce to a packing line to be shipped to consumers.

Genetic engineering is used to manipulate plant attributes.

This is the epitome of taking an old traditional industry, and sciencing the science out of it. The technology it uses derives partly from systems designed to grow crops on the moon.

The interior space is its own sealed-off world; nothing inside the vertical-farm buildings is uncontrolled. Every known influence on the plant’s well being is measured, adjusted, remeasured.

Now we know what indoor farms are and all the tech that goes into them, but how much does all this science and tech help? What are the distinct advantages of it over a conventional farm? Hit the like button to find out in the next video coming this Saturday.

Do you think the agricultural artificial intelligence will contaminate our food supply to exterminate humans? Let me know in the comments.

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