Drinks with Chris Episode 22

Crypto-stonks - The world will never be the same!

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7m Jan 29, 2021

With what has happened the last 48 hours and what started out with the community of Wall Street Bets on Reddit taking out one of the most prominent hedge-funds in the world, the world will never be the same!
Crypto-stonks or investments using the strength and decentralisation of cryptocurrency now has the power to disrupt the elite's party and redistribute some of the 1%'s wealth down to main street.
It turns out that the "little man" when teaming up with alot of other little men, becomes a "strong ape". The collective is more powerful than anybody could ever imagine.
So what happens from here? The slave-system collapses? The elite now realise they weren't as powerful as they thought? I don't know. But I do know that cryptocurrency is here to take over and it's time to jump on the rollercoaster before it leaves the station.

I discuss crypto and why you should be investing in and using it in this video!

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