The Vital Role of Individual Responsibility, a Panel with Yaron Brook & Gabriel Tebaldi [FULL]

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2y Nov 19, 2018

[This is the full version and contains both English and Portuguese. Brook's part is in English and the first English segment starts at 12:36; Tebaldi’s is in Portuguese]

In this panel, Yaron Brook is joined by Gabriel Tebaldi who is a professor, writer and entrepreneur for a discussion on democracy, social change and individual responsibility. Brook and Tebaldi structured their statements on the optics of rational egoism, individual responsibility and capitalism in Brazil, demystifying the generation of wealth through work, as well as the collective focus of human actions.

This talk was part of the Lançamento do 6º Fórum Liberdade e Democracia (Launch of the 6th Freedom and Democracy Forum) and hosted by Instituto Líderes do Amanhã and Fórum Liberdade e Democracia de Vitória in Vitoria, Brazil on September 4, 2018. For more about Instituto Líderes do Amanhã and Fórum Liberdade e Democracia, see http://www.lideresdoamanha.org.br/inicial.

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