Devon Erikson Fancams | Discussing The Stereotype Of Girls Simping Over Killers

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5m Mar 23, 2021

OnlyJayus | The Insincere Apology Video - https://youtu.be/LDMBUKr7uTo

Credits for the sprites used in the video, along with the new channel art: @sleepless_rat | https://instagram.com/sleepless_rat?igshid=1453n8cq9x4f6

Thanks to LtMayhem for helping me out with the skit, sub to them!

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Intro
0:06 The Fancams
1:28 How This All Started
2:31 The Comments Section
3:12 The Backlash
3:35 Tackling The Stereotype
4:45 Joe Rogan's Theory
5:26 Skit With LtMayhem
5:52 Why Does This Stereotype Exist?
6:35 The Conclusion
8:30 Why These Fancams Shouldn't Exist
8:39 The Point Of This Video
9:03 Outro

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