Mac84 LIVE: Beaming with IrDA (iMac G3) + PowerShop Adobe Photoshop NuBus Accelerator Card

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1m Oct 25, 2021

Welcome to the live stream! Today we're going to tinker with some things that probably won't work!
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0:00 Introduction
2:10 Welcome
12:10 VCF East Chat
16:59 iMac IrDA
30:30 We have the wrong camera...
34:08 Oh what fun it is to tinker...
53:29 PowerShop NuBus Card
1:06:18 Macintosh IIci (This was a mistake!)
3:45:10 Uh-oh... The IIci isn't compatible!
3:51:07 Quadra 800 to the rescue!
4:10:53 Installing the PowerShop software
4:19:35 Trying Photoshop 4.0
4:21:33 Installing Photoshop 3.0
4:28:18 Let's test it...
4:29:46 Disabling the PowerShop card the hard (and unnecessary) way
4:32:07 BOOM!
4:34:23 Copying Large Images to the Quadra 800
4:37:25 Let's try this again...!
4:39:22 Test: Gaussian Blur
4:42:20 Test: Unsharp Mask
4:46:37 Switching to Thousands of Colors
4:47:51 Test: JPEG Save
4:50:06 Disabling the PowerShop Card via Software
4:52:30 Test: JPEG Save (not accelerated)
4:57:02 Curves
4:59:10 Test: Motion Blur
5:00:27 Test: Dust & Scratches
5:01:53 Test: High Pass
5:03:26 Test: Levels
5:04:09 Test: JPEG Save
5:04:51 Test: Despeckle
5:05:55 Test: Arbitrary Rotate
5:07:40 PowerShop Control Panel
5:09:35 Test: JPEG Open
5:10:55 Test: Unsharp Mask
5:11:35 Test: Gaussian Blur
5:12:11 Test: High Pass
5:13:17 Test: Fragment
5:14:03 Test: Revert (JPEG Format)
5:14:41 Accelerated Features (According to the Manual)
5:15:32 Test: Emboss
5:17:40 Test: Image Size
5:19:43 The Quadra has had enough...
5:20:45 Shutdown

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